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Land of Blood and Dirt

The Land of Blood and Dirt is a photography documentary addressing systematic discrimination by the United States Department of Agriculture that destroyed Black Farmers' livelihood during the reconstruction era after the American Civil War to contemporary times.

Ownership of Land has always symbolized freedom, and it's been an arduous struggle amongst Black family-owned farms. However, after a century of generational dispossession, Black farmers are fighting to get back to the Land. In Ellenwood, Georgia, I met a family-owned urban farm Atlanta Harvest, the second generation of Black farmers establishing their presence by claiming their share of Land. Their mission is to build generational inheritance and teach the Black community about the importance of eating healthy. The option of affordable healthy food such as fruit and veggies is limited or nonexistent in urban communities. This is why the importance of Black farmers is needed to help combat "Food Apartheid" in the neighborhoods. This grassroots approach is the future of farming.

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