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Mothers March On 

"In the fall of  2019, Bright and Felicia Thomas, mother of Nicholas Thomas, killed by the police in 2015, came together to create a safe space for mothers to openly share incredible experiences, lean on one another and build community. Mothers from across the county, including Samaria Rice, the mother of Tamir Rice, who was killed by the police at the age of 12; Oscar Grant's mother, Wanda Johnson; and Eric Garner's mother, Gwen Carr. From left: Tynesha Tilson (Atlanta); Wanda Johnson (Oakland, Calif.); Felicia Thomas (Atlanta); Gwen Carr (New York); Monteria Robinson (Atlanta); Dr. Roslyn Pope, author of "An Appeal for Human Rights" (Atlanta); Delphine Robinson (Atlanta); Patricia Scott (Atlanta); Montye Benjamin (Atlanta); and Samira Rice (Cleveland). 


Honoring the Past Building the Future 

Honoring the Past and Building the Future is a photographic mural project about Brunswick's turbulent times during the 60s, where members of the NAACP, Mrs. Georgia Gibbs, co-founder, secretary of the local NAACP and a young Pastor Julius Caesar Hope, amongst others, took direct action by desegregating public areas in Brunswick before the 1964 Civil Rights Act law, laying the foundation for future generations.  Collaboration with muralist @BKFOXX


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