June 29, 2020

An Intimate Look At the Activists Involved In The Black Lives Matter Movement

#1960Now series featured in BuzzFeednews 

 "It took imagination, creativity, and suffering by African Americans in order for them to be marginally under the ‘umbrella of freedom.’ Almost 60 yea...

June 12, 2020


"Let America be America again.  Let it be the dream it used to be.  Let it be the pioneer on the plain seeking a home where he himself is free. (America never was America to me.) "  - Langston Hughes, 1936 'Let America Be America Again'


December 28, 2019

My photo essay, 'Carved In Stone'  in The Washington Post Magazine, 'Visualizing Racism.'

©2019 Sheila Pree Bright

November 20, 2019

Honored to attend the 5th-anniversary legacy luncheon of Tamir Rice. On November 22,  2014, Tamir a 12-year old African-American, was shot by 26-year-old police officer Timothy Loehmann in Cleveland, Ohio. Rice was playing with a toy gun; Loehmann shot him almost immed...

October 23, 2019

I had a great time at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver as a keynote speaker and I had a great time at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver as a keynote speaker and participated in the Visual Literacy roundtable.

Scholars across disciplines expl...

October 3, 2019

Had a great time at the University of California, Santa Barbara as speaker and portfolio reviewer with the MFA students !  Photo with Marshall Sharpe a MFA candidate.  

September 5, 2019

Glad I had the opportunity to work with writer Brian Goldstone for the New Republic Magazine about the ”working homeless.”

“If the term “working homeless” has not yet entered our national vocabulary, there is reason to expect that it soon will. Hidden within the world o...

April 26, 2019

The rapper Scarface image is featured in the exhibition; I photographed in the 90s. The exhibition is celebrating the photographers who have played a critical role in bringing hip-hop's visual culture to the global stage, CONTACT HIGH: A Visual History of Hip-Hop is an...

February 5, 2019

I'm honored to reveal the 'Mothers March On' mural whose children have died at the hands of the police along with the iconic photographer image, Richard Avedon. Avedon in 1963 photograph the civil rights leader Julian Bond, co-founder of the Student Nonviolent Coordina...

January 29, 2019

"“I think the NFL boycott has been one of the biggest and longest we’ve seen since the Montgomery bus boycott of the ‘60s,” Ms. Thomas said. “So many people didn’t know that Colin took a knee for our children. They thought he was taking a knee protesting the flag. Coli...

January 17, 2019

"Her goal is to foster better understanding—between old and young, black and white, viewers and subjects—“because we really don’t know each other,” says Bright. “We think we know each other through the media, but we really don’t know each other at all.” Her ideal audie...

December 29, 2018

#1960Nowthebook review by Kelly Caminero in as we end the year in 2018.  

"The #1960Now project critically inspects the integration of race, gender, and generational divides thought the Civil Rightss Movement and the Black Lives Matter Movement.  Sheila Pree Bright shed...

December 20, 2018

'Honoring Those Who Give Their Lives to Fight the Power, in Photos'  by Miss Rosen.

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