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A Beautiful Struggle

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

The solo exhibitions ' A Beautiful Struggle' opened September 9th thru November 20, 2021 at the Moss Arts Center. Featuring a selection of my series #1960Now and Suburbia along with a commission curated by Margo Crutchfield.

Sheila Pree Bright's #1960Now photographs set up an uneasy tension with her earlier Suburbia photograph, as if the more recent ones answer the earlier photographs's implicit question: have we made it inside, inside the White quilombo, the cut de sac of the imagination called suburbia ?" - Jeffrey C. Stewart, Phd

©2021 New Beginnings, 45x30 Archival Inkjet print commission by Moss Arts Center

©2021 #1960Now: The People's Uprising, Jim Crow 2.0 voter suppression rally, Atlanta, GA

36x24 Archival Inkjet print. Suburbia, Untiled 12, 30x24 Archival Inkjet print

We are a resilient people. We are Black and beautiful, this is the beautiful struggle !

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