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Sheila Pree Bright: A Community Conversation about Social Engagement through Art

Join Sheila Pree Bright in a community engagement conversation about art.

The questions: Can art be a form of activism to create awareness and bring shared communities together to critically look at ongoing social and political struggles? Is it the artist’s responsibility to create social change through art? How can socially engaged art reshape the approach to under-resourced communities to help overcome barriers to participation and create equitable access? What role can young people play in furthering these conversations?

Bright will share the short film Election Day: Lens Across America and examples from her recent photographic series Young Americans, 1960 Who, and #1960Now as a point of entry to this community conversation.

Contact Info: Stacy Morgan,, 205-534-3882

The University of Alabama College of Arts & Sciences in collaboration with For Freedoms' 50 State Initiative.

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