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Sheila Pree Bright voice at Telfair Museum Savannah Georgia

Acclaimed fine-art photographer Sheila Pree Bright will add her voice and her artwork to Telfair Museum' exhibition, Complex Uncertainties: artist in Potwar America, on June 4, 6pm at the Jepson Center in Savannah Georgia. Her lecture will focus on civic engagement through her photographic series, Young Americans. As part of the event, her Young Americans series will be in the complex Uncertainties exhibit through December 10, 2018.

"Artist have always been at the forefront of social response," Over the past two years, we have been looking at how artists respond to the times in which they live through art making and visual culture and all of the intersectional spaces that can occupy. Sheila's lecture and art will add another exciting and 'of-the-moment' element to that discussion."- Rachel Reese, Associate Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art, Telfair Museum


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