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Barbie on the Brain ?

7 Artworks featuring the world's most famous doll as model and muse featuring my series Plastic Bodies.

Sheila Pree Bright, Untitled 14 from “Plastic Bodies” (2003)

In photographer Sheila Pree Bright’s series of images featuring Barbie dolls from her series “Plastic Bodies,” the boundary between human and doll is uncannily blurred. Fusing images of Barbies with real women, the artist visualizes the pressures of beauty standards—specifically white beauty standards. In contemporary culture, perfection is an unattainable goal that must still be continuously pursued, leading to what the artist described as the female body becoming more a replica of a doll rather than the other way around. By carefully composing and merging elements of Barbie with human women, Pree Bright explores the insidiousness of perfection and invites complex reflections on the impact and influence of mass media’s and culture’s depictions of women - Annikka Olsen at

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