#1960Now is in the new issue PETRIe68. Out Now ! “Society as we know it is in an erratic flux. With PETRIe 68, we hope to inspire you to rethink your position on various human issues, rooting them into public consciousness, and creating a public conundrum, so that we can find solutions. The loud voices that we have heard now for far too long are slowly slipping into irrelevance, and now is the time for the quieter voices of humanity to be heard.” - Zadrian Smith - Founder & Editor-in-Chief


Ahead of their Leica panel tomorrow at Photoville 2017, we asked Sheila Pree Bright to share about her forthcoming project with fellow photographer Danny Wilcox Frazier – “Bright & Frazier: A Picture of America”


A Picture of America: Privilege, Race & The Era of Trump, presented in partnership with Leica Come join Sheila Pree Bright and Danny Wilcox Frazier in conversation at Photoville presented in partnership with Leica Camera USA. Photoville 2017 | Saturday, September 16 | 1:30PM – 2:30PM Location: St. Ann’s Warehouse – 45 Water St DUMBO Brooklyn Sheila and Danny will discuss the lives of individuals and communities that are often unseen in the visual communication of traditional media and fine art platforms about divided communities. Learn why they will collaborate on a new body of work. #1960Now explores the state and condition of America now and what “disruption” looks like—emerging young

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